I work with individuals, couples and groups. Currently I have the following groups.

Mixed Adult Groups

These groups deal with interpersonal issues, relationship problems, self esteem, loss, work related issues and intimacy, There are two or three openings. The fee is $85 per session with some flexibility.

Senior Therapy Group (55 - 95 years old)

This group will address the following; reducing feelings of isolation; concerns about aging; friendships; family relationships; and romantic love.

Supervision Group

This group meets every other Wednesday from 12 noon until 1:30 PM. The group consists of experienced therapists who present concerns about individuals, couples, and groups they are working with. The group provides support and clarification and addresses transference/ countertransference issues that arise in the work.

Eating Disorder Group For Men And Women

This group will help members to identify and manage feelings; address body image issues; improve self-esteem; address problems of self regulation and reduce feelings of shame.